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When you make the decision to learn more about Sisterlocks® and ultimately, to sit for the establishment session, you will purchase the Sisterlocks® Package.  The Sisterlocks® Package includes 3 separate processes; consultation, establishment, and follow-up session.  Please take the time to read the information below to get an understanding of what to expect for each process.




The consultation is essential for both, you and your Consultant to ensure you get your Sisterlocks® established in the most suitable way. 


Natural hair alone does not automatically qualify you as a candidate for establishment. There are many factors to be considered. This session will help determine if Sisterlocks® is right for you and your lifestyle.



The establishment session can take from 9 to 27 hours depending on your unique situation. 


Your Consultant will provide you with a Sisterlocks® Starter Kit that includes a bottle of Shampoo, tiny rubberbands, and "Tip Sheets" on grooming and shampooing practices as your locks settle in.




Your follow-up will usually be scheduled at one month of your establishment and after at least two shampooings. 


During this session, your consultant will carefully monitor the integrity of your locs, retighten your locs, and give you an idea of how long your locs may take to settle.





In addition to your Sisterlocks® Starter Kit, you'll receive the items below plus a few extra gifts when you purchase your Sisterlocks® Package from us.

  • FREE full sized bottle of Sisterlocks® Starter Shampoo


  • FREE personal hair supply kit 


  • FREE t-shirt


  • Customized Establishment Summary


  • FREE Sisterlocks® Retightening Class

  • FREE unlimited touch-ups 

  • FREE unlimited styling 


We are committed to providing and meeting you with excellence.  Owner, Cornelia Montague, is a Certified Training Associate. In addition, we hold both- Brand Ambassador and "R" Certifications under the Sisterlocks® umbrella. Our Agents are trained to establish Sisterlocks® strictly to the guidelines and sizing standards as set by Dr. Joanne Cornwell. 

We are so confident in our ability to offer quality and satisfactory service that we offer a %100 money-back guarantee with your Sisterlocks® Package purchase.

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